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ISDH Korea - Cosmetic Start-up Certificate Course (4 days)


The ISDH Korea Cosmetic Start-up Certificate Course is an intensive 4 days program designed for skincare enthusiasts seeking comprehensive knowledge from A-Z in skincare cosmetics. This course aims to empower students with theoretical understanding and practical skills using correct tools and blending methods.


On Day 1, the theoretical segment covers the definition and classification of cosmetics, cosmetic manufacturing methods, skin structure and features, the significance of ingredients in cleansing and skin toner, and insights into preservatives, antioxidants, and creating skin toners for different skin types. Practical skills will be cultivated through the crafting of Cleansing Oil, Eye Remover, Cleansing Balm, Foam Cleanser, Cleansing Water, Skin Booster, and four types of Skin (Elasticity, Moisturizing, Brightening, Anti-trouble) Daily Mist, Moisture Mist, and Moisture Gel base.


Day 2 delves into theoretical knowledge of additives (extracts & oils) for various skin types, understanding thickener, solid ingredients, solubilization technology in cosmetic manufacturing, and ampoule & essence formulations based on skin types. Practical skills will be honed through the creation of three types of Serums (whitening, wrinkle, anti-trouble), Whitening Ample Mask Pack, Ampoule base, three types of Highly Concentrated Ampoules (Hyaluronic, Honey Collagen, Ampoule-VITA), Spot Powder, Lip Balm, Wrinkle Care Eye Balm, Daily Eye Balm, Multi Balm, and Face Oil.


On Day 3, the theoretical segment covers emulsification technology in cosmetic manufacturing, HLB, cosmetic fat solubility, UV protection, raw materials, and making lotions & creams tailored to different skin types. Practical skills will be developed through the creation of Eye Serum & Cream, three types of Essence type & Cream type lotions (Collagen, Whitening, Regenerative), Daily Nourishing Cream, Night Nourishing Cream, Sun Cream, three types of Body Lotion (Daily, Keratinising, Moisture), and Daily Hand Cream, Moisture Hand Cream.


On Day 4, the focus will shift to practical skills, beginning with the creation of Sparkling Mineral Water, Grain Packs, All-in-one Bar, Body Scrub, Body Cleanser, Body Oil, Cooling Body Gel, Cellulite Gel, Oriental Peeling Gel, Body Powder, Feminine Cleanser, Deodorant Spray & Balm, and Cuticle Oil. The theoretical segment will encompass additional materials, an examination, and guidance on class operations.


Successful completion of this comprehensive course will not only provide students with the necessary knowledge and expertise to craft their own cosmetic skincare products but also potentially set the stage for them to establish their own start-up business in the cosmetic product industry.


All necessary ingredients and tools will be supplied during the class, and we will provide information to students on where they can procure materials in the future. The ISDH course includes a certificate issued by ISDH Korea. The course will be conducted in small groups, with a maximum of 1-3 participants.


Time : 10 a.m. starts (5 hours a day)

Date: 31sth January 2024

Venue : (Craft at No.7) Block B, Level 3 Kedai, MAHSA Avenue Jalan Universiti, Off, Jalan Ilmu, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

Price : RM4500


January 31 ISDH Korea - Cosmetic Start-up Certificate Course (4 days)

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    You will receive an order confirmation email after you have placed your order. Please proceed with payment with the information provided below to confirm your booking:


    Bank : Public Bank

    Account Number : 3208073215

    Account Name : Mavic Studio


    After banking in with details above, remember to attach and reply with your receipt of payment to the order confirmation email at, after reviewing we will send you another email to confirm your seat in the workshop!


    Advanced payment is needed prior to the workshop. Any payment made cannot be refunded, exchanged or transferred for another workshop. Any absent and replacement with no advanced notice will be charged a penalty of RM50 per head count.


    Thank you and we hope to see you soon in our studio!

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