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5 Crafty Ways to Spend your Couple Time

V-Day went by so fast this year, chirpy lovebirds didn't even stand a chance against the good'ol CNY firecrackers.


Luckily for us, there's always a backup plan - Chinese Valentine's or Chap Goh Mei!


Ditch the cheesy chocolate and roses, up your game and impress your (prospective) sweetheart with unique handmade gift. Or even better, create them together!

Spend a quiet afternoon to create a pair of wearable love. Your patience in every fold and crease will sure to turn heads as they dangle over the shoulder!

Always wanted to be artsy but don't know where to start? Forget about painting them, pour it! Play with colours combinations and a wide range of pouring techniques. Have fun making a mess together and bring home the masterpiece you made for each other.

While it's easy buying a bouquet, it's just as easy to pass off as unmemorable. Why not learn to make your own unique bunch? After the blossom wilts, the story of your flower arrangement experience will live on for years to come. It might even set a new standard in the market, who knows!

Nothing feels closer than the scent on your skin. Take care of your loved ones with a nurturing bar of goat's milk soap. Your gentle, moisturising craft will definitely be appreciated, especially by those with acne or dry skin.

While coloring books are all the rage last year, now you can get classier with 5 different types of painting medium. Enjoy a therapeutic loose leaf painting class, soon you'll be crafting greeting cards, invitations, journals or even customized everyday items!


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