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Why Workshops?

For most people, Monday to Friday feels as if someone had automated the series of events. Here's where we count our blessings if we hold a bearable job.

While the weekdays are dedicated to survival, whatever that means to you - crunching numbers, feeding babies, trying to stay awake in your 100th meeting of the day; the quality of your weekends are crucial to keep you more like a human being and less like a robot.

As Pablo Picasso puts it, "every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up". It's true. Try recalling the days when the front-toothless 4 year-old you fiercely muraling on the kitchen wall. It wasn't until the spanking happened, you gradually learnt that creativity means colouring within the lines. When adulthood catches up, we forget what it's like to express an idea, a feeling or an imagination.

To hit pause on the daily rat race, weekend classes and hobby workshops are an important feature to the community, helping people to regain balance.

1. Getting started

Much like sports and fitness, creativity is a muscle that needs to be trained and challenged often. Ask a writer or an artist, they'll tell you the hardest part to their craft, is the BEGINNING. Which is why workshops are perfect to give you that push and guidance to embark on your creative pursuit.

2. It's healthy!

Instead of having only two modes in your brain function: work & sleep, let yourself think of something else. A short 3-4 hours crafty workshop can give you a therapeutic "mind yoga". Practice mindfulness and enjoy the fruit of your creativity in the moment.

3. Find your tribe

If your spirit animal is Bob the Builder, find your fellow yellow hats and create together! Incredible things happen in a gathering of like-minded people. If you'd like to try your hands at something new, attend relevant workshops to meet novice and experts alike in that field, have a conversation and bounce ideas of each other.

4. Supporting local art scene

The joy in art, besides its creation, is definitely sharing! Craftsman who are willing to impart their passion to the community, plays a role in making the world a more beautiful place to be. You need not go pro like they do, just by taking the time to learn about their artistic process will already help you be more cultured and appreciate art better.

5. Discover your superpower (and maybe a business idea!)

A talent is worth nothing if it isn't practiced. You may have a creative streak or are particularly good at a skill, but you lack direction in taking it to the next level. For instance, your incredible paper art seem to be stuck at being party tricks, and you're not sure how it can be of any practical use. Or perhaps you have good instinct in colours, but only in specific medium. You are only a couple of workshops away from discovering how to develop your talent to its fullest potential!


Start exploring today! :


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