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Craft at No.7 creative studio is an artist run studio based in Petaling Jaya. Our aim is to provide a creative environment for everyone who seek to learn something new over the weekends.


We provide a range of workshops that are suited for all levels, so do not fret if you are a beginner, join us and bring out the creative side of you!


Nothing beats the satisfaction you feel when taking your time to craft your own art pieces especially in this increasingly fast paced lifestyle, it’s good to balance it out with some quality time. It is all about the process and enjoyment, and our team at Craft at No.7 will assist you in any way. Not only do you bring back your crafts, you also gain knowledge! 


Craft at No.7 also provides a well-equipped silkscreen printing facility for conducting classes and also open access for experienced artist on weekdays. Check out all the silkscreen courses you can sign up for and do contact us if you want to book a slot for open access.


We look forward to see you in our studio! 

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Founder/Director of Craft at No.7

Mavic is our founder and director at Craft at No.7, she started painting professionally at a young age and obtained her degree in Interior Architecture in the United Kingdom. Mavic has also picked up her skills in Silkscreen Printing at East London Printmakers when she moved to London for a year.


In February 2017 Mavic drafted her business plan for Craft at No.7 and officially launched Craft at No.7 in November 2017. To date, she has 6 years of teaching experience and passionately enjoys teaching arts and craft and sharing her skills with the wider community.


With an adventurous heart, Mavic embarked on a journey to explore more professional certified courses that can benefit the local craft community. She is a certified instructor for 8 new certificate courses from ISDH Korea, specialising in Beauty, Cosmetics, Perfumery Products and Candle Making Courses.

“I aim to recreate the environment that I had experienced back when I was an art student in college and university, learning something new every week and constantly challenging our creative minds. I hope to bring such artistic lifestyle back to Malaysia and be able to provide such services and environment for the growth of our local art community.”

INSTRUCTOR of Craft at No.7

Alessa is a graduate chemist turned homebaker, she manages an online bakery. At Craft at No7, she leads baking workshops and serves as an ISDH Korea Certified instructor specialising in creating cosmetic, perfumery, and pet-friendly products, reflecting her diverse expertise and passion for all things beauty and self-care.

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