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Put Your Hands Up, Ladies!

Since the observation of women's rights in 1909, ladies all over the world have grown in courage to put their hands up and be counted!

Bag of Blooms

In celebration of International Women's Day, we as ladies are delighted to devote our art to the cause. We had the pleasure to collaborate with soireeandflora florist, to create a special gift tote bag with silkscreen printing technique.

This printing technique was first documented during China's Song Dynasty and spread across Japan and Asia. The first example of silkscreen was simply having papers glued together, leaving the silk exposed to allow the paint to flow through.

The silk road boom made silk mesh more accessible and the technique gain popularity in Europe too. People began printing patterns on shoes and fabric. It was especially a big hit in France back then.

This technique gave birth to some of the most iconic visuals in history. Such as the Uncle Sam's recruitment poster.

and of course, it became a creative outlet for Andy Warhol's Pop Art.

Apart from art and fashion, the industrial world too found screen printing useful. During World War II, it was use to mark tanks, planes and equipment. ID numbers and regiment branding were easily printed using stencil, screen and squeegees.

Today, silkscreen printing remains a crucial technique for the music and entertainment industry to produce posters, garments and merchandise.

Thanks to the innovation of our forefathers, modern day silk screen printing easily accessible to everyone. Be it handmade craftsman or just a weekend hobbyist.


Have a badass poster design in your head? You can be Andy Warhol for 3 days at our silkscreen printing workshop ;)

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