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The Art of Silkscreen

When the matter of art comes into play some choose to think only veterans can excel in the field but the practice of silkscreen printing brings a different light to this assumption. Silkscreen printing is an art form that was developed commercially in the early 1910s and was coined to be one of the most versatile of all printing processes. The method of silkscreen printing is known to be affordable and adaptable where it has contributed to cultural aesthetics over the decades in forms such as movie posters, record album covers, flyers, shirts, and commercial advertising to name a few.

Here at our studio we believe art is a subject not only constrained to the accomplished but can be picked up by everyone with the right guidance and understanding. Our silkscreen courses have been excelled by participants from various backgrounds be it people with full times careers such as architects, illustrators and designers, eager college students but most importantly even people who have never done art before, which proves that it can be for everyone.

The beauty in silkscreen printing is not only the outcome but also the journey of discovery and learning that comes with it. Thus we hinder not progress and provide an open access of our studio to students of previous silkscreen courses. This not only provides them a space to practice what they have learnt before but explore into businesses based on the trade without spending exorbitant amounts to start up.

Besides teaching the craft of silkscreen printing, our studio holds on to the principle of sharing our art with the public. We have established an in-house brand of interior decorations handcrafted meticulously from the best materials whilst being priced reasonably so as to give the opportunity for more people to own a work of art for themselves. Each piece is guaranteed to spice up your living space with an air of sophistication that is sure to keep you satisfied with your purchase.


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If you are interested in what we practice, you are more than welcome to join us for Silkscreen Printing Workshops held on selected dates of every month. Head on to our website, for more details on schedules and prices.

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