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Crafting Close to You

Once upon a time, we were all children and parents are our world. Back when keeping the family afloat is simpler, moments of intimacy comes by naturally.

Just as computers make everything move faster, growing up in this day and age is too, a game of catch up with the surroundings. Busy schedule on both sides ie. endless homework from school and perpetual overtime at the office has inevitably watered down quality daily activities like having breakfast with the family, to sadly, mere mechanical.

But don't worry, it's not the end of the world. As much as your kids need attention, parents too need to chill out and regain their sanity. Children prefer relaxed, happy moms compared to spotless kitchens anyway.

Our craft studio can provide all the equipment and know-how to help you create a masterpiece, but the space is a blank canvas itself to let students create lifelong memories. Our first mother and daughter duo, Irene and Li Ling enjoyed a weekend of loose leaf painting. It's fun to watch them getting creative together!

Bag of Blooms
Pouring Art Workshop

Irene was concerned that school curriculum has become too mundane in pursuit of academic success and recognizes the need to explore other activities. And she's right, route learning in asian societies are lacking outlets for creative expressions

What many don't know, is that crafting is a great way to train for visual-processing skills, for instance identifying patterns, detecting sequences and spatial rotation. These are actually the building blocks to excel in math and reading. as for young children, hands-on arts and crafts helps to speed up their coordination and improve fine motor skills.

For busy moms and dads, crafting with your child could be a sweet spot for you to a)spend quality time with the family, b)unwind c)help you child learn better


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