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Flowing Through Thread

Gone are the days where needle art is associated with grandma on a rocking chair. Not that granny makes needle art any less of an art form, just that the slow, meandering process is simply no match for the fast and furious lifestyle of urban dwellers.

But too stressed we are, relax we must.These ladies are up in arms with thread and needle, ready to fend off black screens of all sizes!

Using our theme on potted plants, students can choose from a wide variety of motives they like and start tracing and sketching! There is no right and wrong in creativity, so long as you get started, something will happen. We want to help students get past the initial hurdle of the process with some templates and be able to get to the fun part : threading!

Embroideries are believed to have its roots in Orient and Middle East. As soon as human learnt to sew animal skin together, the next step is of course to make it look pretty! With pearls, sequins, silk thread, stones and what not. So it is fair to say, that it is in our blood to unlock the potential of our resources.

The motives students make can be turned into cute patches to decorate anything they like, such as clothes, cap, bags, canvas shoes or even sew on a safety pin at the back to keep its versatility.

The workshop is a safe place to know nothing and embrace mistakes, no numbers to be crunched, no competition for employee of the month. Just come as yourself and let the creative process flow.

After a few hours of concentration, nothing beats feasting together to fix the rumble in the bellies!


Get familiar with pins and needles! You’ll be sewing your own potted plant patches, these cuties can be used to pimp your clothes, cap, shoes and bags! This workshop is suitable for beginners. All equipment provided, you can also bring home a hoop, threads and needle.

We like to keep our workshops small and comfy, only 6 slots are available.

Time : 11am onwards (3-4 hours)

Date: 3rd June 2018

Venue : (Craft at No.7) No.7, Jalan 20/1 Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Price : RM160

Lunch Provided!


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